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Official Release X7 Kitkat 250 ( february 8th 2016 )

Discussion in 'NEO X7 Official Firmware Releases' started by gufone, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. kubilay.yildirim.94

    kubilay.yildirim.94 New Member

    Do you know anyone else using uyanik tv box successful on minix neo x7 with kitkat250?
  2. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    No, this is the first time I have heard of the app!
  3. Adambob

    Adambob New Member

  4. Jegg

    Jegg New Member

    Sorry if this has been asked before but are there any plans to update the 250 firmware with security updates for known vulnerabilities . As far as I understand Google still releases security update sources for Android 4.4.
    I don't mean a newer Android version, just fixing bugs/security flaws.
  5. Awesomedad

    Awesomedad New Member

    i am new to Minix forum. Currently, I have Neo X7 android 4.2.2 and Vendor software version : 2014-04- I try to use any app installed on X7 and running very slow and ,most of time, the apps die. I am very frustrated and look for something I could do. Can I install version 2.50, you guys mentioned before?
  6. rollingrock

    rollingrock Member

    Yes. I'm using firmware 2.50 and it's working fine and stable on my X7.
  7. Awesomedad

    Awesomedad New Member

    I have problem to connect X7 into my laptop (Win 10), it is not recognized thru usb. please help. the driver install only available Win 7 and Win 8.
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  8. rollingrock

    rollingrock Member

  9. Dragon24887

    Dragon24887 New Member

    I can't connect my Minix with Win 10. Please help.
  10. grzmrc

    grzmrc New Member

    hi, I have this firmware from years and it's very stable.
    I'don't know what's happened, but now I'm not able to open some apps. I'm not able even to install plex. I retrieved the error -24...
    I tried everithing. I clear Google play/Google services framework, but without success
    Is there a way to flash again the firmware without lose the data?
    I have a drupal site on the minix and I can'l lose the mysql DB
    thanks in advance