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Custom ROM X7 Kitkat v2.0.0 Community Edition

Discussion in 'NEO X7 Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by HardwareGuru, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. CasaFlora

    CasaFlora New Member

    Hello guru, i have windows 8.1 is imposible install drivers. Excuse me english. Im spanish. Help me please.
  2. gispi

    gispi New Member

    @CasaFlora al ser este un foro en inglés, lo mejor es que vayas al foro.androidpc.es y sigas el hilo /showthread.php?tid=5726 que es el hilo donde se trata del community edition en español, iniciado por mi.
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  3. Argyrios

    Argyrios Member

    Tried to change the OTP cable then?
  4. Nayef

    Nayef New Member

    i have bug's when use google chrome & keyboard

  5. Hello, why all my apps on my sdcard (not external card) always dissapear from my desk wall on kitkat 4.4.2 ce ? I never have this troible with FW010. I put my apps on sdcard to leave my nand flash not to much loaded. Thank you<br /><br />Michael De Villers<br/>

    Michael De Villers
  6. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

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