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Custom ROM X7 Kitkat v2.1.0 Community Edition

Discussion in 'NEO X7 Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by HardwareGuru, Dec 15, 2014.

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  1. Argyrios

    Argyrios Member

    Well, it would be either that or the future fact that nobody (I guess not even from Minix team who are I believe located in ASIA) would answer to any of their posts simply because they don't know how to read their posts! :)
    So instead of waiting for frustration from no answer from anybody to kick-off potential ugly comments from them, it is perhaps better to make clear that if they need help, they need to write using an international language...
  2. DigitalSoul

    DigitalSoul Member

    Anu update on the possible release date for the much awaited OTA 2.2.0

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  3. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    We have not recieved final awnser from minix yet. We might launch ce 2.2.0 and release 2.3.0 as official.. Minix is verry bussy on z64 release so that might cause the delay.
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  4. BYTeXperience

    BYTeXperience New Member

    OK, launch please CE 2.2.0 , if MINIX team agree and want it can re-branded as official, if not maybe 2.3.0 will be good enough for them. Otherwise good job CE Team, @HardwareGuru , @KAR and @gufone - thanks for all your hard work!
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  5. Banditen-Sweden

    Banditen-Sweden Active Member Beta Tester

    I must say that Minix is the best buy i made in years. The last time i had a similar feeling was when i bought an Xbox and modded it so i could install XBMC on it.
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  6. Jeyapandian

    Jeyapandian New Member

    That will be great man.. :) Hope we get earlier, so can play around in weekend :)
  7. fefo.gautier

    fefo.gautier Member Beta Tester

    Thank you HG. Looking forward to try it asap!

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  8. FlameCRO

    FlameCRO New Member

    Unfortunately, the current latest version installed couple of weeks ago, i stumbled on a few errors.
    I've noticed when I stream a movie over the XBMC, all of a sudden the graphics glitch and freeze, and minix reboots.
    Second problem occurred, wireless is acting really strange, i am connected to my wireless network, but it just isnt working. I get that loading spining circle all the time, no, my internet is just fine, every other device in my house works just fine, but wireless just doesnt.
    Other than that, everything works just fine, even tho im using my internet over the ethernet.
    Cant wait for the new community version, or even better the final minix version.
  9. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Gufone will push OTA to testcrew now.. Release is scheduled at monday.
  10. Berniethebolt

    Berniethebolt New Member

    After a bit of expert advice on this ROM if possible.

    My Minix x7 is currently running the 010 Firmware and runs alright with the odd crash/freeze in XBMC but nothing major, although it can be irritating.

    I've had my eye on this ROM for a while.

    In your expert opinions will I see a stepped increase in performance in terms of speed and stability by updating to the CE ROM? Or are we talking small margins?

    I tend use my Minix to play movies via USB through XBMC and also Netflix (which is not great as the images has the odd stutter), so I guess the gains need to be in this area.

    Cheers for any advice

  11. DutchDiversion

    DutchDiversion Active Member

    For me, the community editions are the first to run everything I throw at it perfectly in minixbmc as well as official Kodi 14 (I play my movies from an external HD connected via usb).

    So in that regard, it is way better than the earlier official.
    I cannot comment on the Netflix part as I do not use it.

    As a side note, the community edition will become the official firmware and it has OTA updates (no need to reflash for new version, you get a prompt that an update is available).

    Just install this version and you should be set for the future.
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  12. DigitalSoul

    DigitalSoul Member

    I can't comment on Netflix but XBMC experience would be much better. No hiccups at all. I would suggest to try installing latest nightly of Kodi 15 before trying this ROM. Just in case it helps then can avoid a bit of hassle for you.

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    Last edited: Jan 30, 2015
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  13. Banditen-Sweden

    Banditen-Sweden Active Member Beta Tester

    The OTA update 500Mb was found by my Minix. The download and install worked like a charm. Many many thanks dev team.
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  14. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Will add a new thread in beta test secrion tonight where you can note any issues if found.
  15. DutchDiversion

    DutchDiversion Active Member

    Got a free weekend, if you need some testing done, let me know
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  16. Berniethebolt

    Berniethebolt New Member

    Thanks to all for the feedback. I'll check out the new kodi 15 and sit tight then until this version becomes official and then update. By the sound of things this will not be too far away.

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  17. vn800art

    vn800art Member

    Where is the OTA? Tried the two options in settings... nothing!

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  18. Banditen-Sweden

    Banditen-Sweden Active Member Beta Tester

    I think the OTA update only goes out to the beta testers for now, sorry.
  19. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

  20. himmon

    himmon New Member Beta Tester

    I assume the test beta builds yourself and KAR gave us for the DRM issues are invalid for OTA updates HG?
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