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Official Release X7mini Kitkat 230 ( 23 march 2015 )

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini Official Firmware Releases' started by HardwareGuru, Mar 23, 2015.

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  1. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    The first in Official range of Kitkat Firmwares ( android 4.4.2 )

    This release was made by the developers team at www.minixforum.com;
    - HardwareGuru
    - Gufone
    - KAR

    The firmware is build through the MINIX guidelines and thus provided as Official firmware.
    - Aproved by MINIX.

    Changelog (2.3.0) ( Current release )
    - Added: HLS configuration menu
    - Added: Preporation for Delta OTA (smaller update packages)
    - Added: Frameswitch working for SPMC
    - Fixed: remove not supported 1080i (X5 series)
    - Fixed: camera support
    - Removed: HD Filemanager
    - Updated: better branche managment (sources)
    - Updated: OTA update service ( complete revision )
    Some other stuff..

    Changelog (2.2.0); ( former: Community edition )
    - Huge HLS revision
    - Camera brightness/saturation fix
    - TCP buffer adjusted
    - Network fixes
    - Powermenu, removed power off. (x7mini branche )
    - HDMI changes
    - MINIX Official build
    - Finisched X7mini branche ( currently available: X7,X7mini)
    - Preporations for X5 serie branches for future builds
    - rk3066 random mac fix

    Changelog (2.1.0) ( former: Community edition )
    - sleep suspend fixed( wakeup from USB Remotes / IR remote / Powerbutton )
    - fully renewed audio bitstream system + audio input fix ( show usb audio input devices )
    - Screen settings all on one page
    - aditional VPN/networking config ( IPIP,L2TP,PPP )
    - removed PIN for VPN settings
    - VPN wifi hotspot fix
    - Removed google searchbar from desktop
    - long press menukey to hide/unhide systembar
    - update drivers for future X5 branch
    - recovery show UI + Null pointer fix
    - USB storrage announcements framework renewed
    - wifidisplay / miracast HDCP key integration ( not functional yet )
    - libffmpeg and RKffplayer updated to version 8-12
    - fixed RKexplore app
    - fixed WifiDisplay app
    - Small HLS fix ( not much yet )
    - Updated Gapps ( Google Apps )
    - Google sync issues fixed
    - New kernel logo / bootanimation ( add KAR )
    - a few others

    Changelog (2.0.0); ( former: Community edition )
    - recovery/OTA fix
    - static ip bug fix
    - video player/hls fixes
    - security vulnarability fixes
    - init.d support
    - camera brightness fix
    - freeze after uninstall app fix
    - HDMI patch for DRM apps
    - DDR optimalisation ( not overclock )
    - Multi user support ( not fully working yet )
    - Dual input devices frees/crash fix.
    - new kernel logo
    - etc.

    Download link:

    People that run the current Community edition firmware (2.1.0+) will recieve an OTA update online.
    You dont have to flash this firmware!

    (You need to use RK flashtool, do not try to flash it like an OTA update.zip !)

    *****************Make sure to reboot once after the Upgrade!*****************

    Available Updates:
    Kitkat CE - root update
    Kitkat CE - unroot update

    HDMI flicker patch: http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/download.php?file=X7mini-CE-HDMI-FlickerPatch.zip
    NOTE: this is not for everyone!, just for the few that have incompatable TV's and have screen flicker at 1080p60/50

    To install the available updates (this is not for the Firmware!) rename the downloaded file to update.zip and place at the internal flash drive root, android will find the update and request you to install.

    Downgrade back to Jellybean if needed;

    From the MINIX Forum Developers Team;


    Also thanks to the MINIX Engineers, without them we would not come this far!
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2015
  2. Galmok

    Galmok New Member

    Looks good. :)

    If I use the root update, will that erase the user data or is it a non-destructive update?

    Also, is there a tool to change the cpu/memory frequencies? I have had reboot issues with the beta release that could look like an overclock problem.

    What are the cpu and memory frequencies for this rom? Are they the same as with the old official releases?
  3. Walter White

    Walter White New Member

    A quick heads up.

    I received this today as an OTA update (i had the pre release installed).

    All downloaded and updated OK and root downloaded and successfully installed too.
  4. scrabble

    scrabble Member

    I need a clarification to install this update:

    Then I come from version: "NEO X7 mini firmware 011 (June 2014)" and I have a PC with Windows 8.1. How do I proceed to install the "X7mini Kitkat 230 (23 march 2015)."

    Thank You
  5. Galmok

    Galmok New Member

    The HDMI flicker is back in this release. Back to the last official release for me. :-(
  6. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    We will release a patch zip for those with hdmi flicker this week.
  7. Galmok

    Galmok New Member

    In that case, I'll wait. :)
  8. eduytito

    eduytito New Member

    Please guys, i need the step by step for update from firmware NEO X7 mini firmware 011 (June 2014)

    Thanks you!!!
  9. Polly80

    Polly80 New Member

    I have problems with the audio. In a 45 minutes episode of a serie i get hick-ups in the audio. It stops a fraction of a second and goes further. Video seems fine and running smoothly. I am using spdif (optical) and it happens in Dolby Digital and DTS.
  10. Polly80

    Polly80 New Member

    Looks like more drops in dolby digital then dts.
  11. Galmok

    Galmok New Member

    Does anyone know the normal memory frequency of this device and if the memory frequency with this firmware is changed? Is there an app that can give me the memory frequency and is there an app that allows me to change it? Also, will the root update test my device or is it non-destructive?
  12. MaxeL

    MaxeL Active Member

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  13. scrabble

    scrabble Member

    ok MaxeL thanks, I try...
  14. super-grusha

    super-grusha New Member

    Hi, why cannot I play full HD videos on Youtube? Only 720p option can be selected on all videos.
  15. Roger Bernecker

    Roger Bernecker New Member

    Hi: I try it again, anybody able to answer this question? :(

    I flashed the KitKat Rom to my device. It's running, but when 'pressing' the power button on display or on A2 air mouse the blue LED not starts blinking. Is sleep mode lost with this firmware?

    Greetings from Berlin, Genmany
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2015
  16. dror_bengal

    dror_bengal New Member

    Hi ,
    Getting some issues updating
    I did everything like the instruction but i have an error massage

    What whet wrong ?






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  17. MaxeL

    MaxeL Active Member

  18. dror_bengal

    dror_bengal New Member

    Idont have this version of minix - no micro usb . Is there any other way ?

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  19. Roger Bernecker

    Roger Bernecker New Member

    Hi, in the video the procedure is shown using a X7. My X7mini has a cable with two usb type a connectors in the case. First unpack the rar package. Then install the driver in the rar-package on PC, connect the usb cable to PC and X7mini. Then press the switch in the hole at the bottom of the X7mini using a bent up paper clip and put in the power-connector to boot the X7mini to start firmware update mode - because there is no power switch. then start the rkbatchtool to load the firmware image.

    Greetings from Berlin, Germany
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  20. dror_bengal

    dror_bengal New Member

    I cent find this cabal ..
    Will it work through DOK ?

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