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Beta Release X8-H PLUS Lollipop RC2 firmware (July 2017)

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by MINIX - Ken, May 27, 2017.

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  1. no8080

    no8080 Member

    This seems to be the way that Minix has gone over the last 12 months or so, nothing is getting finished or sorted.

    I have had a minix android box for many years, I have recommended them to many friends and family members, to put it plainly, no minix box or firmware has fully worked now for over 2 years. In fact the reality is no single minix android box can play any MKV with 7.1 channel sound properly, so firmware upgrades were needed, since then there are numerous playback issues, audio issues, library issues and the list goes on.

    I have finally told my friends and family to upgrade to this RC2 release, as they can not put up with the problems on the old firmware for the X8-H, since then I am getting a lot of them telling me there are problem watching videos with frame drops.

    There has been no decent minix XBMC version since 13.3.3, and that did not play any HD audio.

    If there is an issue with playback the response we get from minix is that it is a Kodi bug,

    I am starting to look at alternative boxes, as I am getting tired of unfinished and buggy firmware releases, for example my U9 is on firmware V007a, not 1 single release of u9 firmware has played back a MKV video file properly.
  2. Mrgimme

    Mrgimme New Member

    That’s too bad. I have waited patiently for the all good for a good while now, so I could upgrade but would rather hang on to my fairly functioning box than risk a glitch prone one. That said is it possible Minix is just trying to satisfy the core consumer and not the more esoteric configs and file formats? I wish there was a matrix comparing what THE BEST BOXES support and what we have. Who is number one? The Nvidia shield?

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  3. no8080

    no8080 Member

    The file formats that don't work are run of the mill X264 files with DD or DTS audio, these are not unusual video files. Minix XBMC 16.x did not support recursive directory scanning. The X8-H can not play back MKV X265 files in certain profiles, even with lollipop and kodi 17.x. Minix 13.3.3 could not play back files with HD audio, even with a 2 channel audio setup. All very basic scenarios.

    The U9 had a bug in firware 001 and 002 were dark parts of the video were unwatchable, when they fixed that they introduced an audio drop out bug for any passthrough audio that after 5 firmware updates they still ignore as a bug.
  4. Mutt Daeng

    Mutt Daeng New Member

    While I can understand the frustration of people who have Minix boxes stuck on Kitkat, you have to admire the work ethic of the Minix team who are trying to provide a Lollipop based firmware in spite of the fact that amlogic no longer support the SDK for this firmware. Minix hardware has one of the best supported architectures around. Try switching to another box / architecture and see what kind of support you get. I have 2 x X8H+ boxes and 1 x U9H box and am quite happy with the way they work (Lollipop RC2 on the 2 x X8H+ boxes running Kodi 17.x).
    IMHO Ken & the Minix Team and the Mods & helpers on this forum are the dogs bollocks. Google will explain what dogs bollocks means
  5. colonol

    colonol New Member

    Minix have been very quiet lately on this thread. Can we have some sort of better update Ken?

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  6. Spellbound

    Spellbound Member

    Unfortunately I realised a while ago that Minix are only interested in the cycle of selling new boxes and giving lip service to current gen boxes soon to be last gen boxes.

    If you want something what will get better support before it is end of life look elsewhere.
  7. no8080

    no8080 Member

    They are not sorting bugs out in their newer boxes anymore either.
  8. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

    I would just like to add that I’ve had two X8-H Plus boxes for over two years now and they have provided me with endless entertainment, saved me shite loads of money and still run smooth as butter on Lollipop.
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  9. Spellbound

    Spellbound Member

    Well done, some us aren't so lucky though:



    I gave up on the Minix & use a Raspberry Pi, I just check here now for any fixes.
  10. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    I echo your statements with only one difference..... I'm still on KitKat !! My teenagers use it daily with no issues :)
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  11. lev2k

    lev2k Member

    Kitkat is antique and unpatched since years.
    Probably sufficient for modest kids, home movies and also "some kind" of streaming content...

    But adults, who want a working Kodi 17/18, or like to watch Netflix/Amazon/Zattoo + Co. in a better, than eye-cancer causing resolution, are just f*cked now with this "premium" box.
    If you rely on that ^^ and also regularly updates, you better go with a x86 Win10 (or even a Linux) Box nowadays.
  12. mak2

    mak2 New Member

    Hi, I did the update and it was okay, but now I can not connect via ethernet, only wifi works. I would have connected by cable because the box is close to the router. I read here that several people are with the same problem.
    You can try to fix this.
    Thank you in advance.
  13. Argyrios_Derlopas

    Argyrios_Derlopas New Member

    You are right...especially if you can find a decent air mouse that works correctly with Windows...

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  14. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo New Member

    Are they even working on this any more? MiniX charge a lot of money and promise a well supported product. But the software is now ancient on my device and I can't upgrade to other software. Very quickly going off MiniX.
  15. donnydeadlight

    donnydeadlight New Member

    Have had my X8-H Plus box for a couple of years now - been through several OTA updates, and have now installed the RC2 LP and still going strong! Still using the 16.3 XBMC MINIX version as just can't get to grips with Krypton. Watchin 1080p with no buffering/frame drops etc as I type, and over the years the support I've received has been outstanding. Credit where it's due - just sayin y'all.....
  16. lev2k

    lev2k Member

    spot the mistake...
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  17. majz

    majz New Member

    I have just installed X8-H PLUS Lollipop RC2 firmware and installed the latest version of kodi 17.5.1 and all is working great thanks to the minix team for the great work
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  18. matthias.schober.9

    matthias.schober.9 New Member

    thanks for your work but for my understanding, audio passthrough works but only HD audio passthrough doesn't work??
  19. Lior Shpigelman

    Lior Shpigelman New Member

    what is audio passthrough?
  20. dcpete

    dcpete New Member

    Spent a lot of time going through these threads and updating my X8-H Plus to Lollypop and Minix XMBC (Kodi 17.3). Had playback issues with 17.4 and 16.3 with some x265 (8bit) test files. But 17.3 seems solid. I never was able to flash using the USB-burning tool, so had to use an image and SD card as described in this thread to install lollypop. It was still a very funky procedure, but eventually worked. Happy to be on Kodi 17.x. I appreciate all the comments in this thread. I also have a Minix U1 box and that went very smooth upgrading to Kodi 17.x since it was already on lollypop.
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