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X8-H wifi problem

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8 Official Firmware Releases' started by addam2565, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. addam2565

    addam2565 New Member

    Hi all,I just bought minix x8-h.my problem is my wifi connection got no internet eventhough its connected to wifi.wifi signal is good enough.its happen after i plug in LAN cable.I already reset to factory setting but its still happen.tq in advance

    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    You can't use wifi and ethernet at the same time.
  3. addam2565

    addam2565 New Member

    i know about that.if i disconnect or remove LAN cable it still same.no internet connection even it connected
  4. Dnerve

    Dnerve Active Member

    Have you solved your issue?

    Check your network settings, restart your router. Can't you access the internet at all when connected over wifi? What does the lan cable have to do with it?
  5. mellery

    mellery New Member


    I have the same problem since few days: I can't acces Internet anymore eventhough the X8H seems to be connected to wifi. I've checked my network settings (nothing has been changed) and reboot my router. Any idea?

    Thank you very much.


    No idea?

    I think I will send back my device...
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  6. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Have you tried using an ethernet connection?
    Wad the wifi connection working before?
    Screenshot of your network settings?

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  7. mellery

    mellery New Member


    Thank you for you answer.

    I tried an ethernet connection and it works fine.
    The wi-fi connection was working before and I have made no changes to the settings...
  8. genem

    genem Active Member

    Maybe try a fixed WiFi ip, somewhere high like xxx.xxx.xxx.200.
  9. rahzel

    rahzel New Member

    Has anyone found a solution for this? Or is it just a faulty wifi antenna?
    I'm having the same issue with my X8-H. Once in a while, when I wake my X8-H from sleep, I can't get a internet connection even though I have full wifi strength. I have to turn wifi on and off and it works.
  10. Arodg25

    Arodg25 New Member

    Im having the same problem. When im watching a video from an addon like icefilms or something like that, it will just lose internet connection and stop the video even though i have a strong wifi connection. If i go to settings and turn off and on wifi, i can go back and watch again for maybe another 5-10 min before I have to repeat the steps again
  11. rahzel

    rahzel New Member

    My issue isn't as severe. I only lose connection sometimes when I wake the device from standby. Still very annoying and I will be exchanging mine.
  12. adi_tca

    adi_tca Trusted Helper Trusted Helper

    It maybe be a poor antenna connection: either it's not tighten enough, or it may be a poor soldering between the coax (I guess) cable and the antenna connector inside the box. It maybe also an issue with your router when you have power outages. Disabling/enabling WiFi is fixing this issue may be a clue in this direction, but I'm not sure.
    At extreme, you may ask your re-seller to exchange your box within warranty.

    I'm running my X8-H for almost 7 months and never experienced internet outages (running my box over ethernet, but in the 1st month I was over WiFi), even after power outages.
  13. pollicin123

    pollicin123 New Member

  14. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    First of all it is the x8-h you have and not the plus model?
    Which method did you use to flash, keep data, wipe data or pc?
    I would try flashing again, I prefer to use wipe data method as it avoids any bugs that may have been in your previous configuration remaining after updating.

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  15. pollicin123

    pollicin123 New Member

    i have done it :) but probably is my f10 plus remote control, because now it's working weel :)

    no sorry, not working yet...
    i've try to wipe all the data ma nothing, i retry later this afternoon, i hope this time works.
    thx :)
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  16. pollicin123

    pollicin123 New Member


    first showed no signs of work , then I connected the minix internet through the phone and downloaded last fota update from the official site .

    Anyway the wifi is still not working either through the phone it or through the router , how can I do ?

    first it did not allow me to do a clean install of the firmware ( ie with all wipe) . anyhow does it exist a way to clean everything, including the system (such as the folder / system ) ? hopefully in this way I would possibly perform a real clean installation . I there any method that does not invalidate the warranty?

    PS : Now sometimes the audio signal does not pass even through the ' HDMI , could it be because of the remote control F10 - pro ?

    Thank You :)
  17. zarbman

    zarbman Active Member

    My friends what happened to me the first time is coming directly by the skin of minix and put the password on my wifi network and if turned off the minix to return to ensenderlo and the pasword was gone and had to slide back in. So among other options and did as cellular android try my network and there was where I placed my password but after that I never had problems. If you change the password as modified in the same place ...

    Pollicin123 friend disconnect the F10 control and see if you have this problem which is the version of the firmware that you already have.


    Step 2. The first option on the left is for Wi-fi. To enable wi-fi, use your mouse to move the selection to the right so that the ‘On’ switch at the top right is highlighted with a blue box arouns it. Then select this so the switch turns to on


    Step 3. Now the switch is showing as ‘On’ your Wi-fi’ network should show up below in a list (together with any other wireless networks in your vicinity)


    Step 4. Scroll down and highlight the network you want to join. If your wireless network is set not to broadcast its SSID or you want to manually add a wireless network skip to step 8


    tep 5. Se;ect the highlighted network and then enter the password for the network using the onscreen keyboard. Its easier to use the mouse cursor function of your remote for this. Press the ‘cursor’ button on the bottom right of your remote and an arrow will appear on the screen.


    You can also choose to ‘show password’ if you want to check that you are entering it correctly like so


    Step 6. After you have entered your Wi-fi password, click on ‘connect’.


    Step 7. You will now be connected to your wi-fi router. You can close settings and get online.


    Friend have to download the firmware 002A which is what will allow update via FOTA ... and is the latest

    Do like this in this video
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  18. pollicin123

    pollicin123 New Member

    thank you for you reply! now the audio is not a problem, i don't know how but it's work :)
    The wifi is the real iussue! i had done your steps when i boot for the first time the minix x8-h but now this is the situation:
    My wifi is CASARAF and as you can see from the picture it's say that it's connected (in italian connesso=connected) but from the right-windows-menu (i don't know how to name it XD) it's always orange and there are no internet connection or wifi connection (i've tryed to connect to the minix through the ftp but nothing :( )
    what can i do?
    i already have restarted the router and minix several time...
    how can i performe a deep clean (wiping everything! /system /data /cache) installation through pc?

    thanks :)

    p.s.: this is my firmware version
  19. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    It looks like the signal is not good to make a successful connection? (Android avoids poor connection automatically)
    Have you overscrewed the antenna before? We've seen some cases breaking the antenna wire inside the casing by accident.
    Please make sure the antenna is properly screwed in, but not over-screwed.
    You may also do a test by creating a hotspot from your phone right next to the box, and try to connect the box to it and see if it is OK or not.
  20. pollicin123

    pollicin123 New Member

    thank you for your fast reply. this is my minix antenna:
    2015-01-18 11.54.44.jpg 2015-01-18 11.53.52.jpg 2015-01-18 11.53.01.jpg
    is this plugged well?
    this is the repo of my wifi connection
    the red connection is my home wifi, the yellow is my android wifi. the distance between android and minix is a feet... how strong is my home's wifi? is it enough? (on that wifi are connected a xbox 360 and ps3 close to the minix, and tehy work well) . what can i do?
    yesterday on the android hotspot wifi the minix doesn't had any connection to internet.
    how can i do a clean installation trough the pc?

    Thank you :)