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X8-H wifi problem

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8 Official Firmware Releases' started by addam2565, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. QuicksilverCZ

    QuicksilverCZ Member

    Much depends on the channel setting take stim I fought at home. I set the minix on channel 12. And net speed is my max 25 megabytes
  2. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    below -60dbA is bad, you need to get a better reception in order to connect successfully.
    For instance the "Android AP" looks good @ -30dbA.
    Are you using an airmouse? If yes I would recommend you to plug the receiver to the other side of the hub (the port close to the power button) to see if it helps to lower the interferences since they are both using 2.4GHz, if you're using 5GHz wifi then it doesn't matter but I think you're using 2.4GHz wifi channel. No harm try. :)
  3. pollicin123

    pollicin123 New Member

    ok, how can i change those settings in the minix?

    thanks :)

    now i try this way... but is wired that ps3/xbox that doesn't have an antanna like that works well (also my s3 works well in the same room) now i try.

    Thanks you all :)
  4. pollicin123

    pollicin123 New Member

    i've tryed.. now (after a restore from system>restore settings) this is situation:
    the minix is connected to the wifi with 3/4 on the right corner, when i try to do somenthig the connection fall down to 0/4 on the indicator, what can i do?
    yesterday i have connected the minix to a tv closest the router (only a wall separete the minix from the router) and there are no connection :cry:

    thank :)
  5. Arodg25

    Arodg25 New Member

    In regards to my internet cutting out but never losing a strong wifi connection. The app "wifi fixer" running in the background has solved the problem, I'm not sure what its doing but it's working.
  6. Poda

    Poda New Member

    WiFi in the minix x8-h sucks. And it sucks as much as other asian made android based tv boxes i've used in the past. I had a few, and was hoping due to a higher price this device will have more powerful antenna then the one they use in this box. I use it in the same area where I have all kind of other devices (iphones, ipad,chromecast,pcs,macbooks, samsung tv) and all but minix have very good signal and very good speed. Played with channels on my asus rt-n66u but seems no setting improves it for too long. I'd never go over 5mb max shown and down to 0. So finally brought wifi extender and now show steady 65mb (which is I think max you can get no matter what you do).
    Do they really expect that everyone will pull the cables across the house or use Ethernet over power just to get internet access? And really with no internet this is hardly useful at all.
    But on on a pro side, once internet is up it does really good job with streaming movies etc. But if you compare how this perform against the atv3? Poorly... unfortunately it can not be jailbreak-ed otherwise I would never think twice about getting rid of minix. Same goes for atv3 wifi, fast and stable.
  7. Poda

    Poda New Member

    And even now, as OP describes, even though minix shows I am connected to the wifi and internet I am unable to bowse until I do one of the two things. Reboot minix, or disconnect from wifi and reconnect again. This started since the last ota upgrade.
  8. XINIM

    XINIM New Member

    Using WiFi (signal strength around -50 dB), I have to reboot my X8-H almost daily to obtain a proper connection. WiFi on my other Android devices works fine in the same vicinity.

    I've been experiencing WiFi problems with any MINIX firmware that I've tried, including the most recent version :(.
  9. Tuck72

    Tuck72 Member

    I'm hard wired and it's not any better compared to the 8XHplus, I have 162mbps download 15mbps upload
  10. Stenly

    Stenly New Member

    Please help me in choosing a new device.
    I'll use it in Wifi - N 300 Mpbs router. And to stream Ip tv HD 1080p constantly.
    So I need a stable wifi connection.
    Currently I have the laptop in a stable connection wifi - ranging from 80-120 Mbps average about 100. And the signal strength is very good and the streaming is perfect.
    But whether it will be well with Minix?
    I see that now are released out new devices with Intel integrated hardware, their network cards - if they will be more stable? Because I see that you have some negative responses here in the theme of the other versions so far about the Wifi....
    Please tell me your advices.
  11. FishingUpNorth

    FishingUpNorth New Member

    I have done the firmware 002 and 003 updates twice and I have lost the ability to turn wifi on at all.
  12. FishingUpNorth

    FishingUpNorth New Member

    Is there a way to go back to my original firmware? I have done 002 and 003 and lost the ability to turn on wifi
  13. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    In my opinion returning the MINIX device is the last thing to consider.
    Router setup/update are the basics before thinking about the MINIX box.

    In my case my D-Link AC router (>US$170) was creating too much troubles,
    now I've switched to Apple Airport Extreme router and I got ZERO dropout since then.
  14. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Make sure you flashed the correct firmware.
    For instance X8, X8 Plus, X8-H sharing one firmware, while X8-H Plus's firmware is unique from the others.
  15. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Do a full system image reflash if you believe the firmware is to be blamed.
    The same firmware works fine for many users, right?
    We can't rule out the possibilities that during the update something got messed up.
    Sorry to hear that, but let's be rational and focus on solving it.
    Blaming doesn't help much.
    The Broadcom module is not bad, and the antenna we are shipping with is a router-grade antenna. It's being used on some routers.

    The latest 003 firmware is good, have you tried?
  16. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Not many people do realize those routers with Realtek chip are actually sxxk... such as my poor D-Link DIR-816... I will never buy a router with Realtek chip.
    Airport Extreme, on the other hand, is extremely stable...

    Get a router with non-Realtek chip, is always right.
  17. Grimag

    Grimag New Member

    I have a router with a Realtek chip, samsung / sony smart tv, some smartphones, notebok, PC etc. connected and the only device that causes problems is Minix, so ...
  18. QuicksilverCZ

    QuicksilverCZ Member

    Download the program to detect the WiFi signal and look if it is not a free channel. Then modify the system / build.prop and change the channel from 11 to else it may help otherwise there's an app to change build.prop hopefully it will help.
  19. Ziv Maor

    Ziv Maor New Member

    I wonder when are you minix guys gonna acknowledge that the x8-h has connectivity issues on the hardware level. I bought mine after a great experience with the x7. the x7 is further from the router than the x8-h, yet the x7 never drops the wifi and the x8-h always does. I switched their locations and it didn't matter. other android devices that are in the same room with the x8-h has no problems. The internet is full of complaints about it, and friends of mine that got the x8h plus don't have these issues. is there a possibility for some kind of recall?
  20. win_wave

    win_wave New Member

    I have Mini X8-H. I had a similar problem, when I was watching HD IP TV, sometimes it stopped, I've made tests using speedtest app, and results was in quite unstable network. Speed variaty was from 1Mbps to 5Mbps, eventhough I have 10 Mbps subscription. When I've tested using phone or pc, the speed was shown at maximum (10Mbps). BTW, I have dual band wifi router, and I was really surprised with a such behaviour.

    I've updated Minix and router to the latest firmware, and result was still the same.

    I endup with quite trivial solution: antenna direction. On Minix it was about 45 degrees and on routers 90 degrees, so I've changed it to 0 degrees on both sides, and directed them to each other. Now I have stable 10 Mbps on Minix, which is more than enough for HD IP TV.

    One more observation: I have quite busy 2.4 GHz area, but 5 GHz network is free. Wi-Fi shown me quite bad signal strenght for 5GHz network, I've changed channel to some other random one, and the signal strenght became better. So the conclusion, if you have empty channel it does not mean is the best.

    Later on again speed dropped :(
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2015