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X8, X8 Plus, X8-H Official Firmware 004A (NOT for X8-H Plus)

Discussion in 'X8, X8 Plus, X8-H Official Firmware 004' started by MINIX - Ken, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Please double check your audio output settings.
    Update resets them.
  2. Davidvb

    Davidvb New Member

    I right away changed that setting back after upgrading because I knew I would get in trouble otherwise...

    I suspect the plugged-in headset being ignored/turned off during the boot process, since that's the only visible difference with the situation before updating. Why would it do that anyway while a headphone is plugged in? (I've tried with and without headphones...)

    I would really prefer a switch to disable the hdmi audio-stream to force toslink output (labeled as such even.)

    I do see red light coming through the toslink so there is signal. Just no "data.."
  3. QuicksilverCZ

    QuicksilverCZ Member

    Only such attractions I had a problem with the video or sound went ahead and did not correspond to what stim number in the video. It was just in KM and VLC PLAYER beta and new Version. I did not understand, because Samsung Note 2 no problem even LG GPAD 8.3. Then I went into the settings and there Minix activate both functions DTS + changed some upper setting and then I let go again .... movie images and sound as saddles lid on the pot. So I think a lot of things work correctly people do not see where it has set.I would not write a tutorial where Minix set? There is growing newer features, but I have it turned off. Anyway, I'm glad whatever now has no MINIX mistakes and I am very pleased with the box. thanks minix

    ps: Here mam different dates for the video or perhaps have had a problem as another user.

    Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (AVC1)
    Resolution: 1280x706
    FPS: 23.976000
    Decoded format: Planar 4: 2: 0 YUV
    Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
    Channels: Stereo
    Sampling frequency: 48000 Hz
    AAC extension: SBR
  4. djnata

    djnata Member

    i have tested a few files (tv shows) and sometimes have a little stuttering... in the last firmware all works fine...
  5. Mavors

    Mavors Member

    Yes, but is supposed to enable when we wake up. It doesnt, it stays disabled, the ícons on the top left screen stay grey, and it doesnt work on Ethernet nor wifi.
  6. Davidvb

    Davidvb New Member


    If I boot with the headphones connected (which is needed to disable hdmi audio output to force toslink usage) it now gets disabled breaking the workaround to enable DTS to toslink... ;:)::::
  7. Humaxima

    Humaxima New Member

    Where is the FW download link?
  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  9. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    problem is fixed, will be addressed on next week's update (fw005).

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  10. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    maybe your launcher version is outdated, please try this:
  11. scotty

    scotty Member

    Hey Ken :)

    fw005 next week sounds great(y) - is there a chance that the stofa tv app is fixed in fw005 ?

    Regards Scotty
  12. scotty

    scotty Member

    Many thanks for the great work, you rock ;)
  13. moscard

    moscard Member

    Nice I am not alone
  14. gimi

    gimi New Member

    I have a x8-h. Running kernel version 3.10.33 when I check the "online update" button it says no update. What am I doing wrong?

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  15. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Which firmware version is installed on your X8-H ?
  16. zarbman

    zarbman Active Member

    Friend gimi if you get that message is that you either have the original firmware with which bought the MINIX or already have loaded the latest update. So you have to give more information because we need to know what the date of your firmware. If not impossible help.
  17. gimi

    gimi New Member

    Thanks. It is the original fw since I haven't updated it yet. Where can I see the date of the fw and how can I update it?

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  18. carmini

    carmini New Member

    I updated the Official Firmware 004A but I have problem with some application video streaming application ilikehd from Thailand as it keep freezing when playing video but I disable display auto frequency switch then everything is ok....would you please explain to me what is purpose of auto frequency switch ?? please
  19. carmini

    carmini New Member

    Anyone can explain to me auto frequency switch..I know that maybe it is very basic question as I'm newbie but i want to know what does it do and how it will affect me if I turn it off..Thanks.
  20. wildbyte

    wildbyte New Member

    F switcher changes tv screen refreshing frequecny to match it with currently playng videos frame refreshing rate. You can see a 1 second black screen effect at start of any moovie, during tv set is chnging frequency. The main goal of freq switcher is to get as smooth as possible video playback without stuttring.