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X8, X8 Plus, X8-H Official Firmware 006 (20150708)

Discussion in 'X8, X8 Plus, X8-H Official Firmware 006' started by MINIX - Ken, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear all NEO X8, X8 PLUS, X8-H users,
    (Please note that this firmware does NOT work with X8-H PLUS - different CPU/ wireless chipset)

    Official 006 firmware has been released.
    Full system image and USB zip package are now available.

    FOTA update will be coming soon.

    Team MINIX.
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  2. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Full .img and USB .zip update package of FW006:

    Full system image with flashing tool:
    Minix server: http://minix.com.hk/firmware/X8_X8PLUS_X8H_FW006_20150708.rar
    Forum Server ( EU ): http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/download.php?file=X8_X8PLUS_X8H_FW006_20150708.rar
    MD5 checksum: 8DE881A7FE7A4A12DCC1AAF9DE197253

    USB update.zip package:
    Minix Server: http://minix.com.hk/firmware/X8_X8PLUS_X8H_FW006_20150708.zip
    Forum Server ( EU ): http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/download.php?file=X8_X8PLUS_X8H_FW006_20150708.zip
    MD5 checksum: 9BD9A796B8DBC3E9C50694B151ADF50E

    Please use a download tool that supports resume feature to download a big package, e.g. BitComet.

    NOTE: this firmware is for NEO X8, NEO X8 PLUS, NEO X8-H,
    NOT for NEO X8-H PLUS!
  3. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    FOTA window will be opened tomorrow.
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  4. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Change log (since 005 20150507 firmware):

    1.) CEC display name changed to X8
    2.) Fixed CEC wakeup issue for Panasonic TVs
    3.) Added auto sleep timer option
    4.) Added SMB server option
    5.) Fixed FilmOn Live TV slow loading channel issue
    6.) Updated MINIX launcher
    7.) Fixed Denmark TDC Play app playback issue
    8.) Fixed playback issue of some .avi files
    9.) Fixed fps drop issue of some WEB-DL files
    10.) Fixed 3D playback display issue of Vidon Kodi app
    11.) Updated Xbox 360 controller .kl and .kcm files
    12.) Added VPN status on MINIX launcher home screen
    13.) Fixed WiFi wake-up false connection status bug
    14.) Added Logitech Harmony series remote controllers support
    15.) Added Mele F10 Deluxe .kl file
  5. to22

    to22 New Member

    sound problem after updating. hdmi sound disappear . before the update could hear sound from my stero and tv togather
    now i can hear only from one of them
    hdmi+3.5 mm is not avaliable anymore?
  6. Gopichand Pai

    Gopichand Pai Member

    Can we use 4k player to play the shares on the network now?
  7. ramoncota

    ramoncota New Member

    everything fine thank you(y)(y)(y)
  8. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    that was a bug and has been fixed, there should be no sound output to HDMI when audio jack is in use.
  9. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    it is smb server we added, not client.
  10. maximelson

    maximelson New Member

    where restore&update?
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  11. rsdtrn

    rsdtrn New Member

    Bravo Minix ! Thank you for continuous support. Dumb question, where is that SMB server option ? Couldn't seem to find it lol...
    so far so good, will post bug(s) if there's any in bugtracker(s). Cheers.

    edit: Found it ! In Settings Mbox.
  12. Yoramile1

    Yoramile1 New Member

    Thanks for all
    תודה על הכול
  13. PaulMcG

    PaulMcG New Member

    Just did some kind of FOTA update about 2 hours ago, it wasn't there an hour earlier when I checked. The launcher does look a lot different, so I think its more than the bugfix. Bedtime now, I will have a closer look tomorrow, but for tonight it worked flawlessly. Thanks.
  14. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

  15. Nosve

    Nosve New Member

    Hi, what is the point resolved, i.e. what are the issues described from

    8.) Fixed playback issue of some .avi files

    from changelog?
    I often see that avi files in SD suddendly stop in xbmc stock, and resuming the stream go on for some minutes and stops again.
    The same desn't happen with mkv files HD or Full HD
  16. stu

    stu New Member

    Hi there
    Tried to update from firmware 5 to 6 with Fota but after download i get error message"system is damaged,wireless update is disabled"
    Box is not rooted.
    Tried a few times but always same problem
    Anybody got any angles on this?
  17. adi_tca

    adi_tca Trusted Helper Trusted Helper

    Try to clear the cache & data of the System Update app in:
    Settings - Apps - all apps - System Update - clear cache then clear data
    then try System Upgrade app again
  18. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    test clip(s) that could demonstrate the issue please. We need 1 at least, thanks.
  19. Ray Bentos

    Ray Bentos New Member

    Well I'll be... after nearly a year you've fixed CEC for Panasonic users! Do I get a rebate on my Mele F10 Deluxe? Seriously though, well done Minix (at last)! The curse of the early adopter......
  20. stu

    stu New Member

    Thanks adi-tca
    I had been clearing data and cache which allowed me to download again but still the same result
    Will try again today
    Ps if i download the usb zip update is there a option to save all data
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2015