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Beta Release XBMC 16.3 Movie/TV Show Scraper suddenly stop working

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX' started by Jumpy73, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Jumpy73

    Jumpy73 New Member

    I've a minix Neo U1 where a custom release of Kodi (XBMC 16.3) is up and running. I went into the directory .../Android/data/hk.minix.xbmc/files/.xbmc/addons/ I found the folders of scraper addons and I verified I have the following version of scraper addons:
    TMDB 3.9.5
    TMDB tvshows 1.3.6
    The Movie Database Scraper Library 2.16.0
    TVDB 1.8.5
    IMDB 2.8.8

    Is there someone of you with my same problem?

    Thanks in advance for anybody help
  2. vipako

    vipako New Member

    I have the same issue, TMDB stoped working.
  3. iconx

    iconx New Member

    Same here, installed universal movie scraper problem solved
  4. JeroenR

    JeroenR Member

    Installed Universal Movie Scraper, but still nothing. I can't deactivate the TMDB scraper, and my new movies still don't have a thumbnail or movie info. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Lock

    Lock Member

    Yes, that's why I uninstalled it and installed 17.3 (the Minix alpha).
  6. Jumpy73

    Jumpy73 New Member

    I have some customizations on my current Kodi release, so I wouldn't have to change it. I'm sure a solution other than updating to new kodi release has to be available to address the problem.

    Please some suggestions about it? Is the problem related to the xbmc/minix version is not aligned to official kodi addon release update or not?

    Anyway, the problem occurs for TV Show too
  7. augur

    augur Member

    Not sure of the cause, but yes I too have all the same versions as you and my TMDB The Movie Databse stopped working end of May start of June.
    After trying to find any info and coming up blank (only a few unhelpful kodi forum posts) I just switched to Universal Movie Scraper and since that works havn't gone back. Initially I had some older versions which didn't want to update but that seems to have sorted itself out. I just checked and TMDB still doesn't work.

    For those who can't figure out how to change the scraper in Minix XBMC 16.3 here's how.
    Videos > Files (press down on the d-pad to highlight Files)
    Navigate down to the films directory and press the menu button and choose Change content.
    If Universal Movie Scraper isn't in the top right pane click on Get more... and add it.
    When it is in the top right pane click on it so it is now listed under Curren scraper.
    Navigate down to OK. When you click on OK it will prompt you to rescan all content. You can either select Yes and it will scan your entire film heirarchy or if you only have a couple of films you can select No then go to a film with missing data and Menu>Movie information>Refresh

    All future films added will be matched against Universal Movie Scraper.

    As for the problem with TV Shows it doesn't seem to be the same issue. That seems to be more on the TVDB sites end, if their API is too busy you may have to Update library a few times for it to be able to pull all the data. I've even gone into Videos>Files>TV Shows, drilled down until I have an actual file clicked Menu>Episode Information and not had it work for some but not others, if I then wait 10-20 minutes it works just fine.

    Then there's the issue that the method kodi uses to find new files for adding, especially TV Shows which already have an existing folder heirarchy, can sometimes fail to detect newly added files for a short period of time. But given the alternative method would make scanning even slower it's preferred.
  8. Jumpy73

    Jumpy73 New Member

    I used UMS instead of TMDB and now new movies are correctly added to the library. Really thanks for your help!

    After adding new movies to my library I used Artwork downloader in order to have new fanart, discart, clearart, etc... but even in this case a new surprise! Artwork downloader works well only for some new movies and not for others and, for the latter, no new artworks have been downloaded. I verified that artworks were available on Fanartv.com anyway.

    I don't figure out why all these problems are emerging all together. These are core xbmc features and it is not acceptable they don't work properly

    The TVDB continues not to working, even after repeated attempts, near in time or not.
  9. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    so you paid for this software did you ?
    if its not acceptable then do something about it...kodi is open source so feel free to make it work properly..
    your queries are best handled over at the kodi forums so ask there for someone to fix it :rolleyes:
  10. Sulaiman

    Sulaiman New Member

    I just bought two Minix X6 that came with XBMC13.3. I have been struggling to install the XBMC addons but all effort failed. I always get Unable to Connect to the Remote Server at the point of Adding Source whereas my WIFI is connected and great. Please help me out
  11. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    The source you are adding probably no longer exists. A lot of third party add-on sources have been removed lately (due to legal reasons?).
  12. Sulaiman

    Sulaiman New Member

    Please provide me with the source i can use with this device and xbmc 13.3. Thank you in anticipation
  13. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    We don't provide support for third-party unofficial add-ons at this forum (Don't ask for this on the official Kodi forum either).
    There is plenty of information available if you search for it.
  14. Sulaiman

    Sulaiman New Member

    Please I am a newbie to this area of TV box. Please what i need to with this device to get them streaming tv and videos. thank you
  15. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

  16. Jumpy73

    Jumpy73 New Member

    Yes, I paid for this software... buying a Minix I paid about 3 times the price of a chinese android box. I paid a so high premium price just for having a more stable product and for belonging to the Minix echo-system support/application maintenance. As I wrote in the thread title I'm using the XBMC custom release of Kodi and not the official kodi app, so buying a Minix I paid for having it too.

    I'm a customer not a devoleper... so making it work properly is not my business. Perhaps it could be a your task, certainly not mine!

    Before writing here, I read threads about this issue on kodi forum. I aligned the sw version of my movies/tv shows scrapers addons to the last one and tested them. No lucky with it.
    After this, I asked kodi community for help writing a post about it but no answer I currently received yet.

    After these useless clarifications for you, I sincerely don't understand the reason for your controversial intervention
  17. JeroenR

    JeroenR Member

    I would have never found this! Worked like a charm. Did the few movies without info manually, perfect. No movie info in Dutch, but at least I got thumbnails and info. Thanks Augur!!!
  18. Djvega

    Djvega New Member

    Take this link.



    It's the last version of a fork of kodi jarvis. I have tested It, and runs perfect ( fix tmbd, dts -hd, quasar, 4k films without cuts, all runs perfect, it's a especial version for amcodec devices) .

    Alpha xbmc Minix 17.3 have a lot of bugs for ex. Films 4k stops etc etc
  19. Jumpy73

    Jumpy73 New Member

    Some times ago I tested it too, but didn't correctly manage multi-channel audio. If it now runs perfect, I will try it... tks for your suggestion
  20. Djvega

    Djvega New Member

    Me too, but now works perfect.