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X8-H XMBC vs Kodi with Lollipop RC2 - "Lag" in playback.

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX' started by TheNoobie, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. TheNoobie

    TheNoobie New Member

    Hello everyone,

    First a big thank you for all the help I could find on this forum.

    I recently upgraded my X8H-Plus with the Beta firmware Lollipop RC2 and I'm now running Android 5.1.1. That's the good part :)

    Then I downloaded the last Kodi version of Google Play and I am running the 17.6. Surprisingly all the videos are very slow, kind of like a lagging effect. It does play but it is unwatchable like this. The quality of the video or the audio encoding doesn't seem to impact this. Neither different setup (audio passthrough or not, downgrading the resolution/frequency - currently 1080 - 60Hz)

    On the other side, I tried the embedded XMBC 16.3 included in the firmware and it works well. And I see a lot of options not available on Kodi's side (especially in the video settings).
    You could say that I can stick with XMBC but Kodi seems to be more versatile when it comes to identifying files (or maybe it's just a setup issue).

    I've done the firmware upgrade twice with the same result. I went back to Kit Kat and on Kodi 16.x it went smoothly as well. So I'm thinking that Kodi is doing (or most likely I am) something wrong :)

    Any ideas or past experience on the subject are welcome.
  2. SKD

    SKD New Member

    Hi TheNoobie,

    Can you tell me the process to roll back / downgrade to Kit Kat back from Android 5.1.1. as I have the same issues and want the kit kat back on my minix neo x8-h plus. Thanks.
  3. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

  4. TheNoobie

    TheNoobie New Member

    Hi all,

    Indeed, midnight is correct, I used the same process with the firmware I found here in the official firmware section for X8-H Plus.

    I tested Kodi 16.1, XBMC, MyGica and the most stable version for me was XBMC, I guess I'll stick to it.