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Xtreamer Wonder Pro Android 5.1 firmware on X8-H Plus?

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by ventara, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. ventara

    ventara New Member

    Since MINIX won’t offer a Lollipop firmware for the X8-H Plus, has anyone tried to flash the Xtreamer Wonder Pro Android 5.1 firmware?

    The hardware specs of the Wonder Pro seem to be the same, except for the internal storage (32GB eMMC instead of 16GB), don’t they?

    Because the upcoming and very promising Krypton release of KODI sets the minimum Android version to at least 5.0 Lollipop, the X8-H Plus without Lollipop should become obsolete as an android device to most of it’s owners very soon.

    Thanks to other board members here there is at least hope that we will be able to use the X8-H Plus as a LibreELEC device in the future. But maybe it’s still time to say goodbye MINIX and hello NVIDIA Shield...
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  2. yhadie69

    yhadie69 New Member

    Wth every minix device just got 1 version android, x8-h plus only kitkat and i think u1 just only lolypop

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  3. scubascuba3

    scubascuba3 Member

    X8H+ is bad enough but U1 only having Lollipop and not Marshmallow will become an issue with Kodi also. I guess Minix us trying to get people to buy a new box but the sensible thing to do is buy a good Marshmallow box if there is one
  4. ventara

    ventara New Member

    IMHO Minix is way too expensive for such a short term support strategy - I think the X8H+ was not only my first but also my last Minix Box :(
  5. crazy geordie

    crazy geordie New Member

    my thoughts also bought the X8H+ less than year ago it was expensive for a media box but i thought they would support it a lot longer than they have now with minimal updates no lolipop and no new kodi i also will be looking else where for my next box nvidia shield is looking better all the time should have bought that first
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  6. ventara

    ventara New Member

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  7. Essam

    Essam Member

    IMHO, Minix has no excuse for not updating to Lollipop; it is faster than KitKat, the HW of x8-h plus is at least as capable as Minix U1 that is shipped with Lollipop (save for HDMI 1,4a instead of 2.0), and many competitors such as Wetek, Probox2 and of course Xtremer Wonder Pro, deliver Lollipop on the same HW with regular full support for which we payed in advance as we bought the box; didn't we?!
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  8. Essam

    Essam Member

    I tried PROBOX2 EX+ ROM and it works O.K. but there are audio issues!
    Read further on http://www.minixforum.com/threads/android-5-lollipop-for-minix-8-h.4647/page-2
  9. zeljko62

    zeljko62 New Member

    I believe that the technical support for x8 plus succeed this problem solved. PoZZ
  10. Bennett83

    Bennett83 Active Member

    x8h plus is 2 years old and mine is still running the latest Kodi. Whats the issue?
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  11. crazy geordie

    crazy geordie New Member

    its not just kodi check google play a lot of the newer apps wont run on kit kat
  12. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Considering that the majority of android devices (57% as of May 2016) are running KitKat or lower these apps are missing out on a lot of customers :confused:
  13. Webdrifter

    Webdrifter New Member

    True. But time flies fast in the world of technology.
    And Minix minus Updated Kodi = No more Minix. It's as simple as that.

    So I am very glad to hear we will get Lollipop on Minix Neo 8H-plus.
    Just hope that a stable version will be available, as soon as we get a stable Kodi 17.
    And since Kodi 17 is already in it's 5th beta pre-release that moment might come sooner than we think.
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  14. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

    I could not get Xtreamer to install, I did get Probox2EX+ to install but it was too unstable, I am currently running the MXIII-G_108L1 ROM which has been very stable and a very nice Lollipop experience on the X8H-Plus.

    As a side note, forget Kodi, I switched to SPMC by the former Kodi android maintainer Koying a while ago and won't be going back to Kodi just yet, the latest 16.5.1 again only runs on Lollipop unfortunately.
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  15. Essam

    Essam Member

    Do you get audio from the A/V jack (the x8H-Plus has only an Audio jack)? Is WiFi ac supported by this ROM?
    Thanks for the feedback.
  16. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

    No audio from Audio jack, this is work in progress, not a priority for me as I use HDMI to TV.
    WiFi works, what standard is supported I do not know.
    IR remote works but it involves copying the remote.conf from a X8H-Plus ROM into /system/etc.
  17. Grint

    Grint New Member

    The firmware works well for me. My only issue is the app_switch and all apps keys don't work on the A2 lite.
  18. gizmo

    gizmo New Member

    hiya I've been a member for quite a while but never really posted until now don't get me wrong I've very rarely been on the site i find it astonishing that a box i paid alot of money for just a year ago is about to become obselete for the next version of kodi i had to do a reset of the box tonight i honestly don't know why the xbmc 13.3.3 is still on it absolutely 0 add ons work on 13.3.3 ?its a shame because its a great box in other ways but it looks like its being pushed to the back of the queue and forgotten about
  19. gizmo

    gizmo New Member

    just seen there might be an upgrade available without support so why are the boxes still alot of money to buy they are still the same price as i paid a year ago i cant get my head round that one anyone who pays that amount of money now boy are they in for a shock
  20. crazy geordie

    crazy geordie New Member

    i could understand if i paid less than $100 for it even the cheapest boxes are 4k and are running lollipop or marshmallow were up to nougat 7.1 i paid twice that price thinking it would be supported for at leased 2-3 OS upgrades guess the people at ninix just dont care they got their money