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Yes, you can run Ubuntu on NEO Z83-4

Discussion in 'Z83-4 Alternate OS discussion' started by jlinux, May 30, 2017.

  1. jlinux

    jlinux New Member

    It was not clear to me from reading this forum how easy or hard it might be to install Ubuntu on the NEO Z83-4. I decided to get one anyway and try it. I followed the instructions at
    to "respin" the stock Ubuntu 17.04 iso image (I guess needed for the 32-bit UEFI bootloader?) before writing it to a bootable USB stick. Then I was able to insert the new USB stick, turn on the Z83-4 and immediately hit DEL to enter the BIOS setup screen, change to boot first from USB, restart and install Ubuntu normally (wiping out Windows 10). I also changed the BIOS setup parameter to start at poweron instead of waiting for the pushbutton. The result is that Ubuntu 17.04 does work. Cool. Right now it's compiling a program using all four cores and only drawing 6.5 watts at the AC wallplug, so it it is also literally cool, or at most slightly warm (case temp is 33 C, ambient is 23 C). When I connect an external 4TB USB-powered drive and have all cores working at 100% (analysing video streams, and sometimes recording) the average draw is 7.5 W, occasional peaks to 10 W.

    I don't think wifi or sound works unless you do some additional steps, but I'm not using wifi or sound anyway.
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  2. Nicolas IST

    Nicolas IST New Member

    Hi, do you think it is possible to boot from another distro, then update the kernel to the linuxium one?
    Or won't it boot without the linuxium kernel?
    Could you tell me more about this UEFI bootloader topic?
  3. Linuxium

    Linuxium Linux Evangelist Dev Group

    Wifi and sound now work ... see this post.
  4. jlinux

    jlinux New Member

    Thank you very much Linuxium for getting wifi & sound to work in Ubuntu! This makes the Z83-4 a very useful and complete Linux mini-PC.
  5. Uno Ydostres

    Uno Ydostres New Member

    I was able yesterday to install (not only to live run) Linux Zorin OS Lite 12.2, 64bits in my Minix Z83-4, without uninstalling Windows. To achieve this I used an USB flash disc of 32 Gb as an external HD. I first have specified the appropriate boot option on the BIOS and at installing time I have specified to put the Grub bootloader on the flash disc, instead to put it in the internal HD, and make two partitions in the external drive: one of 28Gb EXT4 for the system and one Swap of 4Gb.

    At boot time now there is a menu to choose Zorin or Windows, so that you can still run Windows without trouble or the new Linux installed.

    I have checked as well that it is possible, if you don't want more this external installation, to take it out the flash disc and boot again Windows that 'forget' being managed by the Grub bootloader, when changed the appropriate way the boot options of the BIOS.
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