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Yomvi (spanish Canal+ online service)

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by jccaman, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. jccaman

    jccaman New Member


    Yomvi is the service to watch Canal+ (Spain) over the internet. It has applications for all platoforms, Windows, Mac, Android & IOS. The APK for android, the one which concerns me, is not working properly in Minix NEO X8-H, it opens correctly and you can browse VOD list and channels, but when trying to watch a stream you get the loading icon for ever. I have tried Beta2, Beta7 and Beta8, HardwareGuru Beta8 firmware as well, and nothing.

    Can you please check this application and try make it work in minix X8.

  2. vientogris

    vientogris New Member

    I have the same problem.
  3. jccaman

    jccaman New Member

    I have updated to beta 9 to test and yomvi works perfect. Issue solved!

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  4. vientogris

    vientogris New Member

    Good news!
    I was waiting for the official firmware release, but thanks for the information!
  5. dani_sts

    dani_sts New Member

    Can you confirm if Yomvi works with the firm beta 9-2 yet?
    It had stopped working for me! :(

  6. jlcb78

    jlcb78 Member

    I am recovering this topic to inform that the yomvi apk works but approximately every 25 minutes it crashes. It shows a system message saying "Media server has died, we are working hard to recover" Then the sound is gone and the only way to recover it is to restart. I have the latest firmware installed, and very dissapointed...

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