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YouTube 5.1 / DTS sound on my U9-H?

Discussion in 'MINIX & General Android Apps' started by Cizzz, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Cizzz

    Cizzz Active Member

    I just discovered that there are a lot of 5.1 music/video files available on YouTube.

    Does anyone got these to correctly play in surround sound on Minix hubs?

    I tried the YouTube app and Kodi add-on but both only give 2.0 sound.

    A restriction of the app or Android perhaps?

    Edit: here is an interesting discussion but still not clear to me. https://support.google.com/youtube/forum/AAAAiuErobUjMoMzEyFJak/?hl=en

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  2. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Despite what the titles or descriptions say, there are no YouTube clips with DTS or Dolby audio. YouTube doesn't support them.
  3. Cizzz

    Cizzz Active Member

    Thanks. I was afraid so.

    Minix U9-H (FW005) | Minix U8-H Plus | A3 Remote