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YouTube in 1080p?

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by daWinni, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Beta 8 already has release keys. So that one is also ruled out o_O
  2. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    So, I did some testing during the past weekend. From logcat it looks like adaptive playback is failing on X8. Can this be the reason why we are not getting 1080p option on X8-H? Does the current firmware or the upcoming one support HLS? I thought they did. I have provided snippets of logcats from X8-H and Nexus 7.

    Logcat X8-H - See lines 30, 31
    Logcat Nexus 7 - See lines 18, 170
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  3. jk-nz

    jk-nz Developer

  4. Chris Kuffo

    Chris Kuffo New Member

    Anything new with this?
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  5. traxdata

    traxdata Retired Super Mod Moderator

    I read that it's YouTube causing the issue. They only allow 1080 to certain devices. But I might be wrong. But it's not only minix products that has the issue.
  6. jjk

    jjk New Member

  7. avgust

    avgust New Member

    Why Minix doesn't check it directly versus Google support team to figure out a solution for that absurd problem.
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  8. Dravvidoff

    Dravvidoff New Member

    I think youtube always defaults to 720p on Android devices.
  9. Catalin

    Catalin New Member

    this is such a bullshit. I will sell this piece of crap.
  10. arajpoot

    arajpoot New Member

    Hi can sone developer here confirm if YouTube apk will be upgraded to include Vp9 coded so I can enjoy 4k videos through my neo x-8 h plus on 4k TV. Please.
  11. yasinkaya

    yasinkaya New Member

    Are there any solution after a year?
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  12. red eye

    red eye Member

    Up, i have the x8hplus and max is 720p on youtube, i have last firmware...i never understand why its not 1080p
  13. yasinkaya

    yasinkaya New Member

    Latest youtube app ok. 1080p ok.
  14. Warlord1981

    Warlord1981 Member

    yasinkaya can u please share with us the youtube app version tht works at 1080p for you? also which version of neo x8 u have and which firmware. thanks

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  15. yasinkaya

    yasinkaya New Member

    X8h latest firmware.

    Latest youtube app on android market google play and auto update option is on.
  16. yasinkaya

    yasinkaya New Member

  17. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I don't get those Quality options!

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  18. Warlord1981

    Warlord1981 Member

    me neither.. x8-h with finless 2.0 rom
    I only get 144p and 360p..

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  19. morrk

    morrk Member

    As mentioned in another thread, I have to spoof my X8-H Plus to get 1080p option. Is not available by default.
  20. Warlord1981

    Warlord1981 Member

    morrk can you point us the link with the instructions please?

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