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YouTube in 1080p?

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by daWinni, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    I don't think it is regional. I checked the "Planet Earth" video mentioned earlier via VPN to these countries: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand & Mongolia. I got to select 1080p option for all of them.

    It is also not tied to your Google/YouTube account. It doesn't look like location services matters. It is something else.
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Like I already said, it doesn't bother me so I'm gonna stop looking for the answer! :D
    For Members it does bother, "Live with it!" (y)

    One last ditched attempt!
    @WeK05 Could you share the You Tube apk that you have?
    I know it will be the same recent version but who knows if somehow they are different?
  3. Warlord1981

    Warlord1981 Member

    it bothers me :D i also tried 10.46.56 from blackmart and still the same..

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  4. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Silly question maybe but it hasn't stopped me before :)
    I'm assuming the members who don't have the 1080p option have a 1080p display resolution?
    I'm only asking as due to renovations I've had to connect my x8-h plus to a 720p monitor and haven't been able to test on a 1080p display.
  5. Warlord1981

    Warlord1981 Member

    of course :) sony 50w805 tv :) and minix set to 1080p 60hz

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  6. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Here is the extracted YouTube apk - YouTube 10.43.60 APK

    Link fixed.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2015
  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  8. Gopichand Pai

    Gopichand Pai Member

    I was getting only 360p max on 10.43.60 version. I cleared the cache, deleted data and uninstalled YouTube. Installed it again from PlayStore. Now I am getting 1080p.
  9. Warlord1981

    Warlord1981 Member

    Guyz I solved it by flashing the latest firmware 007A. (works with root too)
    I remind u that I was with custom ROM by Finless (version 002)
    Now i can see 1080p option (not 1080p60fps though)
  10. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    I think you will see that only if the original clip is 60fps. I will have to check this out.
  11. Mikelt

    Mikelt New Member

    nope, no 1080p for me, running latest firmware stock rom, really annoying, this is one more reason i so much prefer windows overall.
  12. roy perez

    roy perez New Member

    i have some problem., i have minix neo Z64 android. I can set onli in 144 and 360p buuuuuuuu....i dont what is the problem, my internet speed is 50/50 mb/s
  13. roy perez

    roy perez New Member

  14. roy perez

    roy perez New Member

    All apps are in 360p,exept kodi( I watch movies and tv shoows in hd) but, YouTube,Vudu, Netflix and all video apps are in 360p
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  15. roy perez

    roy perez New Member

    No working, I traid

    Maybe the problem is the reproductor I do not......
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  16. Ramunas

    Ramunas New Member

    You guys are lucky, You are getting at least 720,
    I'm getting only !!! 320 !!! , what should I to doo, to get atleast 720 ?
    Mine x8 -h plus is up to date with latest firmware

  17. Kollektiv01

    Kollektiv01 Member

  18. Ice Mint

    Ice Mint New Member