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YouTube problem

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by Capote, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Capote

    Capote New Member

    Finally got the 4K TV and I wanted to see how good 4K looked like, so I went to YouTube and search for 4K material. I clicked on the 3 dots in upper right hand to see the out put quality, it was set to 720 so I WAS SO SURPRISED that it only went 1080p. I guess YouTube doesn't play 4k or am I doing something wrong? Can someone set me straight. I have the Neo U1 and I love it. Thinking of buying another unit, should I stay with another U1 or should I go to the new U9?
  2. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    For 4k youtube videos you have two options:
    - To watch them in full res in the 4k tv internal web browser.
    - In the U1: Open Chrome web browser (or probably any other - didn't test) and write youtube.com in the address bar. Click on the 3 little dots of Google Chrome definitions (on the right side of the search bar) and put a mark in the square that demands the web browser to ask for the computer site (whatever it says in your language to perform this action) since the mobile site, as the Youtube app, won't do the trick.

    Choose a 4k video, set the 2160p option in the video definitions slider.

    Optional: Blame it on the youtube app. Tell friends how great the U1 is (I always do). ;)

    I don't know about the U9.
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  3. JJ-KwiK

    JJ-KwiK Active Member

    If you're rooted, you can add the following lines to the bottom of your build.prop to enable 4k in the YouTube app.

    # 4K for youtube
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  4. Capote

    Capote New Member

    Thanks for the help and yes i do tell my friends how good the U1 is because it is.
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  5. shinayKahn

    shinayKahn New Member

    Search New Pipe on Google and install from there then go to the settings of the app and select 4k/2k video source. This app allows you to view 4k videos from YouTube but only on devices that support vp9 codec.