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Z64 Android - Not working most of games!

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by XXEENNOONN 2002, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. XXEENNOONN 2002

    XXEENNOONN 2002 New Member

    Dear all, i bought a new MINIX Z64-A (android version) and i was fully disappointed when i loged into Play store and downloaded many games and find that the games is not working and returning back immediately to the desktop when clicking on its icons, also i downloaded Chrome web browser and didn't work also !!! so what can i do? am i have to change anything in the settings or what?? please help me...thanks
  2. Rafael7up

    Rafael7up New Member

    Hi there, happy to see that at least you can use the play store, I'm stuck on that not working since yesterday, could you check if it is working for you? Seems like a new google update made some problems to the z64a.... I can't help you on the games, but they should work, if not, you could try to install a rom from android-x86... I will also do it if mines get stuck on games like yours, I'm not at that point yet... Minix is not updating this product anymore and not giving any support!!