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Z64-W V1.83 BIOS update

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by MINIX - Ken, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Melgas

    Melgas New Member

    Hi, Villa
    Sorry, I just saw this later and it's more interesting.
    Thank you.
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I would try this first...

    To install Windows you need to convert the BIOS...
  3. WeedWhackerDood

    WeedWhackerDood New Member

    Replying to my own post, for all to see the progress.

    So i followed the old 2015 from Gadget Friendly and the system refused to allow the BIOS to be upgraded to Z64W. I then tried, for kicks, to 'upgrade' the BIOS to Z64A, and it worked. I then tried again for W and it worked, however, the BIOS version is 1.43, not 1.83. I already had a W10 32/64 bit installation USB ready and popped that USB in and rebooted my Z64. The installation went well and now i have a W10 Pro box! I then inserted the BIOS 1.83 USB and ran the update file and 1.83 appeared to install, i have not yet rebooted to see what the BIOS version is yet, i am hoping 1.83.

    At this point, i have W10 installed, but i dont have sound drivers, not sure if anythign else is missing, i should have it all figured out in a while. I am looking here for drivers and i am updating W10 files, I will update this when i have new data to provide.

    Oh, I cannot see the whole desktop of W10 on my SONY 52" tv, and i cannot adjust the screen corners, any suggestions?

    If someone has news on W10 drivers, please advise.

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  4. WeedWhackerDood

    WeedWhackerDood New Member

    W10 works wonderfully on the Z64, EXCEPT for the sound drivers. I was able to adjust the SONY TV screen for the edge-to-edge issue i was having and i can now see all corners. I have been searching for sound drivers, but nothing can be found at this time. Not too happy with that as i was trying to use this little box for my main living room computer.

    I would adivse the following for anyone trying to convert to W10:

    - be sure to watch the youtube video from Gadget Friendly, .
    - Gadget Friendly focused on W8, but you can watch it all the way through, and then use it to guide you in your installation. This video will save you alot of time and effort.
    NOTE: Be sure to pay attention to hard drive formatting section prior to installing the new W10 OS.
    - To help eliminate issues, be sure you use the MS media creation tool and generate a USB install for other computers and choose 32bit and 64bit versions so you have them on the same USB stick for easier access.
    - Don't fight upgrading your BIOS to the 1.83 version. Just install W10, when done, navigate to the BIOS upgrade folder you used to unzip the BIOS files (obtainable from the first post in this thread, http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/download.php?file=Z64W_V1.83_BIOS.zip ) and click on update.bat, it will all happen for you.
    - Be sure you have a W10 license ready, sure you have 30-days to activate, but get it ready and activate. There are places that you can get discount W10 Pro licenses from on the internet, so get yours. If you need suggestions, PM me and i can refer you to them (not posting here as this is not a sales page).
    - Update W10 soon after your install to get all of the latest drivers and stay ahead of the bad guys.

    As i have said, until i dig a bit deeper, I dont have sound drivers, expect the same for your install. I am going to try an disect the W8.1 drivers package, http://www.minixforum.com/threads/windows-8-1-device-drivers.4738/, and see if i can steal them from there. I will update this if it works.
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  5. WeedWhackerDood

    WeedWhackerDood New Member

    Well, I think that i have to revert back to Android on my Z64A as my W10 installation went well, i still cannot find any drivers for sound. I even went to RealTek for drivers but they did nothing even after rebooting. I was hoping for something. I wanted to try the W8.1 drivers, really dont care at this point what happens to my device, just trying to get sound drivers through the HDMI cable.

    Neither headphones or HDMI work for sound. The system states that no sound devices are found.

    I am reverting to Android in a couple of days if this is not resolved. Thanks for any suggestions. The link to the w8.1 drivers is broken, does anyone have the driver pack available to share?

    Scratch that last statement, if the W8.1 drivers dont work, anyone want a very little used Z64A? :).

    The drivers link was fixed and my Z64A is now working well! No free Minix for you!
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  6. pirohmaniac

    pirohmaniac New Member

    So I have a question. Obviously my machine as it is, is a brick, can't boot it to install this bios file. FortunatelyI got myself a raspberry pi. I'm wondering though if I have to wire directly to the chip, or is there an spi interface on the board I can use?