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Z83-4 getting hot & locking up

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by minics, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. minics

    minics New Member

    I don’t normally use screen savers, but the other day I spotted a flashy one called "Ribbons" in Windows 10 that looked new to me, so I let it on while listening to music in Groove. But after about 20 min the music stopped, Z83-4 locked up. Obviously due to processor (or maybe RAM?) overheating, as the unit base (aluminum?) was pretty hot when I touched it. The mishap occurred again today as I was watching news stream in Kodi. Since there is no fan inside, also any vents on the casing either (!) I wonder whether placing the unit upside down might help prevent sudden shut downs? Any tips/suggestions on this?
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  2. BadProduct

    BadProduct New Member

    Naturally, hot air is lighter than cold air and always moving upward. However, the bottom of this MINIX is WAY hotter than its top, likely not promote good cooling. Make sure that there is always air-gap under the device. Place it on hard-flat surface, do not place it on carpet, cloth or other materials of the same kind.

    Alternatively, place it upside down like mine (or make it tilt about 30 degree). Also, use USB fan (like XIOMI brand) as last option.
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  3. minics

    minics New Member

    Thanks for quick reaction, BP. For now I wouldn't like to resort to an external fan solution because I bought this device precisely because it is fanless as I hate ventilators humming noise. So I put it upside down as suggested, hopefully this will help.
  4. BadProduct

    BadProduct New Member

    Another quiet solution, find unused CPU heat-sink and place on the bottom plate while it's upside down. Don't forget to apply some thermal-grease.

    I did all this along with using small external quiet fan connected to TV's USB port. This is because it's too hot to touch while using as video player and seems to drop frames several times.

    Here is my ugly NEO.

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  5. minics

    minics New Member

    Very ingenious, congrats, BP! Your solution ought to be patented.
    For the moment by placing the mini PC upside down seems to be working alright for me, but you never know when a new heat wave strikes again in summertime :)
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  6. Katalyst

    Katalyst Member

    I bought some rubber feet from the dollar store. Two stacked on each corner gives it a half inch lift and allows more airflow underneath. Works well on all 3 of my Minix boxes and only cost a couple bucks. Had to crazy glue the feet because the self adhesive would just melt and they'd slide around.

  7. BadProduct

    BadProduct New Member

    This kind of thing may also be useful for this device. Before buying, ensure that the holders don't block any ports you need to use.

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