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Z83-4 Windows 10 drivers

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4 Guides & FAQs' started by 759M, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. alex_notredame

    alex_notredame New Member

    It seems from what I am reading here that there is a comparability issue between latest Microsoft signed digitised SD Class storage driver and and Atom base CPU Z83-400. I have also SD driver that is not recognized and this happened few weeks after I received new icube 12.2 tablet dual boot. Can someone please help locate the windows 8 Intel version?
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  3. kevinFLUDE

    kevinFLUDE New Member

    wINDOWS 10 new version would not load onto my computer. Windows support eventually advised that I do a clean install. This worked but I have no wifi or other drivers.

    Here I find some advice from you but where do I install the drivers? and how do I get them from the rar.

    can you email me on [removed] or preferably ring me on [removed]

    The problem was that the system partition was not large enough for the new version of Windows 10

    As this is a new system I bought I'm fairly annoyed at having to waste so much time in order to return to a safe and working system. So would appreciate you helping through the installation of drivers
  4. kevinFLUDE

    kevinFLUDE New Member

    I did this and I still cannot connect to wifi - I go to network connections and there is no list of available wifi to connect to.

    how do I do this?

    Also the drivers downloaded from the rar contained lots of files and only about 10 unknown devices. So is this ok?


    Download and extract the .rar driver package from the first page that ken linked. Go to your device manager (or type it in the search box). Under the "other" tree there will be a whole bunch of unknown devices. Right click one and click update driver. Choose to manually update driver. Point the file location to be the driver folder you just extracted. Make sure subfolders is checked. Then click next and it will find and install the driver for that device. Do the same for every other unknown or other device in the list. You can also try looking through the rest of device manager and updating anything that is labeled generic or is having issues as they may be using generic windows drivers. You can use the search online option when updating drivers instead of the manual update if the driver package doesn't have what you want.

    Also, for future headache avoidance, once you have the drivers all figured out and installed, go type in "recovery" in thte search box and click create recovery drive. Plug in a thumb drive you don't need and it will backup windows along with the associated drivers you just installed so you won't have to go through it all again next time.[/QUOTE]
  5. Joetheman

    Joetheman New Member

    Thanks Ken Drivers worked !
  6. phongshader

    phongshader New Member

    I agree 100% I've followed the install guide, copied the text file to system32, manual install of the drivers but after rebooting the wifi will not connect and eventually BSODs and the error is wdiwifi.sys failed, or something close to that. Where are the current drivers for this? Or am I stuck with non functioning drivers from 2 years ago?
  7. kokkie2

    kokkie2 New Member

    hi all
    for the graphics driver i used intels driver and support assistant wich i downloaded by intels website and i got a new graphics driver wich seems to work perfect on my z-83-4pr0
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