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Zoom In / Digital Zoom with Webcam in Skype

Discussion in 'MINIX & General Android Apps' started by Binix, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Binix

    Binix New Member

    Hello Forum,

    I have just received my U1 and connected my Logitech C920 Pro webcam a few days ago, to make skype calls with the Minix instead of the TelyHD Cam which I used before. I thought the webcam has FullHD resolution, which is preferable to the HD image of the old cam.

    When I fired up Skype everything went well, but I found, that the Logitech webcam has an extremely wide angle. So Instead of using the resolution to deliver a good picture from the people in front of the camera, now you can see the whole living room and beyond from the top of the TV...and only small part of the picture is the faces, which indeed count. :)

    In the TelyHD you could simply zoom in and show what counts... ok, the image quality is not improved, since it just crops the picture and enlarges what's selected (=digital zoom), but the overal optical impression is better.
    Now, to the point: I did not find any option like this neither in the U1 settings, nor in Skype. Also searching in google for "camera zoom app" or similar did not help.

    Anyone an idea why and what I can do to have "digital zoom" with this webcam or any other ... I am willing to return the Logitech if there is a better working device?

    Thanks and best regards,
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    How did you zoom with the TelyHD?
  3. Binix

    Binix New Member

    Hi Villa,
    when you choose the frame showing your own camera view in the GUI and press OK on the remote, it shows the "Picture Dialogue" which let's you set the image color/brightness and pan/zoom/tilt settings.

    I did not find anything like that in the Android of U1.

    BR, Niko
  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    But what is the TelyHD cam connected to?
  5. Marm

    Marm Active Member

    I know this an old post but I am very interested to learn if anyone has found an Android app that allows you zoom in and out with the Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam? This camera has some impressive specs and is being discounted substantially as Logitech promotes more expensive 4K models. The one I am looking at is the C920 Full HD 1080p. 960-000764 is also on the label and the squ# is 9785507435.

    Note to Villa, the TelyHD cam is the guy's old web Cam and likely is of no importance to his question. Likely it came with an app that allowed it to zoom but that still is not relevant.

    This Logitech web Cam is selling for about 40% of what it was going for less than a year ago. And I don't want 4K so it might be a good option.

    So I ask, has anyone here found a way to zoom this Cam in or out using Facebook Messenger or Skype?

    Many thanks.
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